Hi, my name is Nada and welcome to Nada’s Kitchen.

I decided to start this blog when I realized that I’m pretty much using my Instagram account to share my love for food and the great success stories of all the tasty recipes  I was sharing with my friends. If you love to cook and bake, willing to experiment with new flavour and in search for winning recipes, this blog is meant just for you.
I’m originally from the Middle East, my upbringing, friendships and travels have exposed me to many cultures and the impact is reflected in my kitchen. I moved to Canada to pursue my studies and was instantly adopted by this beautiful and diverse city called Montreal. Warm in culture yet the chilling winters are constantly testing my tolerance level. Growing up,  I was my mothers biggest nightmare when it came to food. Regardless of what the dish might have tasted like, my judgement started rolling as I would observe the meal she prepared. If it wasn’t plated properly, if it wasn’t chopped with intention, if it wasn’t farm fresh…..I simply wouldn’t touch it. Interestingly enough, I’m not a fussy eater, there isn’t a single ingredient on this planet that I could say I dislike or refuse to eat.  I came to realize that my love for food was more complexed than simply filling that hunger pang. Understandably, we are often pressed for time, rushing to fix meals for ourselves and our families, but it really isn’t that complicated to add a sprinkle of herbs or layering food meticulously even if its just going to go in a lunch box. Imagine how you would feel if you opened your lunch box and it looked like art! Proper presentation and flavour diversity are the identifying factors to an appetizing dish.
As a student, I held a part-time job working in a cute French bistro, the owners were Lebanese and I remember being so impressed by how they were able to merge these two cuisines into the most spectacular dishes. So at the ripe age of seventeen, leaving the rest of my family back in Cyprus and having very limited cooking experience I began my culinary journey in my tiny studio apartment in downtown Montreal.
I learned the following two hard lessons; always tie your hair before entering a kitchen and make sure there’s a fire extinguisher at arms length!!
By the time I reached thirty,  I had a full house, a husband, a set of twin boys, a girl and two cats, and this is where I got to practice my cooking and baking skills!

My blog is about the worldly cuisine that I have been exposed to throughout my life, a cross culture of glorious fresh ingredients that will tempt your appetites and your creativity. My  focus is building meals from wholesome, organic ingredients while avoiding preservatives, basically aiming to please both our palates and our bellies in a mindful manner. If you’re anything like me, you’ll get how rewarding it is to be able to offer your family and friends a meal that’s made from scratch and smothered with love. My step-by-step images and instructions will make food preparation seamless!!

I hope you enjoy my blog!!


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